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cut snake Movies
07th Aug

cut snake Movies
30th Jul

SYDNEY MORNING HERALD – Set in 1973, Tony Ayres’ new film is a thoroughly convincing piece of noir. But it’s far more than that, too. Alex Russell is Sparra, a man of few words and modest ambitions, trying to make a life with his soon-to-be-wife Paula (Jessica de Gouw). They have a house overlooking the bush, he has his eye on an apprenticeship, and apart from the occasional night out at a drag club in town with Paula’s friend Yvonne, everything looks set for the straight and narrow. Until, that is, Pommy (Sullivan Stapleton) turns up on his doorstep, casting a very large shadow marked “the past you haven’t told your girlfriend about” over proceedings. Turns out Sparra was a jailbird, and Pommy his cellmate; now he thinks Sparra owes him, and he’s determined to get what’s his. Stapleton is astounding, oozing menace without ever becoming cartoonish with it. There’s a faint echo in the plot of real events involving the underworld in Brisbane in the early 1970s, but Ayres makes this material his own, showing he’s found a way to mix the artier inclinations of his earlier work (most famously 2007’s The Home Song Stories) with the demands of genre. Cut Snake is an unexpected and invigorating piece of work, blessed with a simply brilliant central performance.

these final hours
30th Jul

Movies these final hours
28th Jul

NEWS.COM.AU – IT WAS during a 10-minute standing ovation for Australian movie These Final Hours at this year’s Cannes Film Festival that young Perth actor Jessica de Gouw knew she had chosen the right career path.

“To have gained such a response … that’s why I’m an actress,’’ de Gouw says. “Cannes was amazing. We had no idea what to expect and how the film would be received. As soon as the credits ended and the lights came up it was an amazing feeling to have connected with an international audience. When we arrived for the first screening there were queues around the block. The amount of people who have already reached out to this film … for the film to have moved so many people … it’s pretty fulfilling to experience this.’’

These Final Hours, directed by Australian Zac Hilditch from his award-winning screenplay, follows the last day of self-obsessed James (Nathan Phillips) as he makes his way to the ultimate apocalyptic party as the end of the world draws near.

James’ first stop is to visit his secret lover Zoe, played by de Gouw, who is at a beach shack and wants a genuine connection before the apocalyptic fire ball hits Perth.

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Arrow Deadline Gallipoli Interviews these final hours
27th Jul

NEWS.COM.AU – Rachael Taylor, Margot Robbie, The Hunger Games’ Stef Dawson … rising star Jessica De Gouw has joined a growing list of Aussie actresses that have found Hollywood easier to crack than their own, homegrown film industry.

Like most “overnight sensations,” the 26-year-old West Australian would like to think that she at least paid some of her dues.

But even De Gouw is surprised by the speed with which her career took off after she moved to Los Angeles two years ago.

After landing her first screen role in Southern Star TV series The Sleepover Club at the tender age of 16, De Gouw decided that, in the interests of career longevity, she should first study her craft at Curtin University before attempting the difficult feat of making it as a professional actor.

On graduation, she moved to Sydney to look for work.

“I did bit and bobs of TV and film,’’ says the actress during a break from filming TV series Deadline Gallipoli with Sam Worthington and Hugh Dancy.

“But it was hard to crack so I thought I would just take the leap. I first went to LA in mid-2012 – packed a bag and went over there.”

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Interviews Movies these final hours
24th Jul