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Arrow Deadline Gallipoli Interviews these final hours
27th Jul

NEWS.COM.AU – Rachael Taylor, Margot Robbie, The Hunger Games’ Stef Dawson … rising star Jessica De Gouw has joined a growing list of Aussie actresses that have found Hollywood easier to crack than their own, homegrown film industry.

Like most “overnight sensations,” the 26-year-old West Australian would like to think that she at least paid some of her dues.

But even De Gouw is surprised by the speed with which her career took off after she moved to Los Angeles two years ago.

After landing her first screen role in Southern Star TV series The Sleepover Club at the tender age of 16, De Gouw decided that, in the interests of career longevity, she should first study her craft at Curtin University before attempting the difficult feat of making it as a professional actor.

On graduation, she moved to Sydney to look for work.

“I did bit and bobs of TV and film,’’ says the actress during a break from filming TV series Deadline Gallipoli with Sam Worthington and Hugh Dancy.

“But it was hard to crack so I thought I would just take the leap. I first went to LA in mid-2012 – packed a bag and went over there.”

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Interviews Movies these final hours
24th Jul

Interviews Movies these final hours
20th May

Arrow Interviews television
28th Mar

TV LINE – The Huntress returns to Arrow tonight (The CW, 8/7c) on a mission of revenge, and she’s also aiming… to score her own show?

An off-shoot is certainly on the wish list of executive producer Marc Guggenheim. But first, Helena reemerges in Starling City this week and takes Laurel — among others — hostage just as the recovering alcoholic lawyer is finally starting to get her mojo back at work. Enter: The Canary (aka little sis Sara)!

Read on as Guggenheim and guest star Jessica De Gouw, aka The Huntress, share six things to know about the action-packed hour.

IT’S A SISTER ACT | Episode 17 “was very much designed to be a Laurel and Sara story using Helena as the fulcrum in that relationship, and Oliver definitely does take a little bit more of a back seat,” previews Guggenheim.

IT’S A COMEBACK STORY | “This is the episode where Laurel gets her groove back,” reveals the EP. “We knew that we wanted to return Laurel to the D.A.’s office and we knew that Laurel, by the end of the episode, had to be in a good emotional place. So we wanted to emotionally and professionally reestablish her.”

IT’S A BLAST FROM THE PAST | “Obviously, when you’re talking about bringing [Laurel] back to the D.A.’s office, you naturally think about, ‘OK, what case is she prosecuting?’” Guggenheim says. “The scenarios that resonate best with us are, ‘What’s a case that could affect a character who we care about?” And that led [executive producer] Andrew [Kreisberg] to pitch the idea, ‘What if Frank Bertinelli is being prosecuted and The Huntress comes back to town?’”

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Arrow Interviews television
27th Mar

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY WARNING: If you have not watched Wednesday’s episode of Arrow — which featured the return of Jessica De Gouw as The Huntress — beware of spoilers below!

The Huntress’ return to Arrow did not disappoint.

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Arrow Interviews television
26th Mar

TV ADDICT – The Huntress is back! After the big showdown in Season 1, where Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) stopped Helena Bertinelli (Jessica de Gouw) from killing her father, fans have wondered if and when the Huntress would return. Well, this is it. All of Oliver’s worst fears are realized when Helena returns and she will literally stop at nothing to get her prey – even if it means taking out someone Oliver loves in the process.

This week’s episode “Birds of Prey,” puts both Laurel (Katie Cassidy) and her sister Sara (Caity Lotz) right in the crosshairs of the Huntress. This was absolutely the worst time for Laurel to decide to go back to work, the same week that Frank Bertinelli is caught and Helena catches wind of his arrest; and Laurel being Laurel is way too stubborn to know when she is over her head. Fortunately, stubbornness runs in the Lance family as both Lance (Paul Blackthorne) and Sara race to keep Laurel from harm while Oliver continues to chase his own prey, the elusive Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett).

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